Pearl Silk Pillowcase

$74.10 $78.00

Pillowcase Dimensions

DIMENSIONS: All pillowcases are made  with a custom SUPA DEEP! 8" envelope to ensure your pillow stays right where it's supposed to be ALL NIGHT!

  • STANDARD- 20"h x 26"w 
  • KING- 20"h x 36"w
Sleeping on Silk


  • No More frizz, tangles or bed head due to less friction on your hair AND skin. Smooth on over, cotton, silk is here to save your day 2 hair!
  • Natural cooling properties to stay temp regulated all night!
  • Struggle with acne? Silk absorbs less moisture and bacteria. That's a huge win for clearer skin!
  • Sleep on your face/side? Avoid "crush wrinkles" that normally form when sleeping on cotton.
  • Overall...Say toodeloo to frizzy mornings, sleep wrinkles, and night sweats! And say hello, to smoother, more hydrated hair and skin! 

100% 22 Momme Mulberry Silk (AKA only the highest quality silk for your curls)

Care Instructions

When you feel your silk accessories needs a bath, hand wash them separately, in cold water, in a large bowl, and then hang or lay flat on a towel to dry. Ensure that you wash them individually for no longer than 30 minutes to prevent any staining and bleeding of colors especially the first time. A gentle detergent is highly recommended to prevent bleeding of the dyed silk; we do not recommend use of regular laundry detergents or soaps.  

If you’d like a gentle, made for silk detergent, we recommend this silk wash here.

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