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Are Customs Fees and Tariffs included?

At this time we do not include any customs fees or tarrifs for destination country during checkout. We hope to soon be able to offer this for our Canadian customers.

**Please note that duties and taxes are not included at checkout. Purchaser will be responsible for all duties and taxes for their destination country upon arrival. Please visit our FAQ for more information.

For Canadian Customers:

We would like to provide you with some information on how to decrease your fees upon arrival! Follow the steps below to ensure a seamless and cost effective delivery process. (More details)

#1. Contact and ask us to send you a copy of your customs declaration.

#2. Take your customs declaration to your nearest CBSA office (find them here) and pay your taxes. Make sure to keep your copy of your customs receipt.

#3. Email customs receipt to UPS ( . Confirm with them you have paid your duties. They will be able to drop off your package with no brokerage fees attached.

What does Pre-order mean? When will my order ship?

Please read our shipping policy here.

*** Please note that if your order contains at least one items labeled as pre-order, you ENTIRE order will ship out all at once (once all items in your order are in stock).

How much does shipping cost?

US Shipping: between $4.99-$20.99 depending on the weight of your order and type of shipping selected during checkout. Curlfriend Collective may offer free shipping during seasonal promotions please see checkout for more details.

International Shipping: Calculated at checkout. Cost will vary depending on order weight, destination country, and chosen shipping type. Curlfriend Collective may offer free shipping during seasonal promotions please see checkout for more details.

***NOTE***: Customs fees are NOT included in the order total. Customs fees are to be paid by the customer upon delivery to destination country.

Click here for more details.

How do I wash my silk hair accessories?

Care Instructions: When you feel your silk accessories needs a bath, hand wash them separately, in cold water, in a large bowl, and then hang or lay flat on a towel to dry. Ensure that you wash them individually to prevent any staining and bleeding of colors. If you’d like a gentle, made for silk detergent, we recommend this silk wash here. A gentle detergent is highly recommended to prevent bleeding of the dyed silk, we do not recommend use of regular laundry detergents or soaps.

What are Curlfriend Collective hair accessories made out of?

100% Mulberry Silk, 6A 16 & 22 Momme silk

Why use silk satin instead of polyester satin?

Silk satin is the only satin made from a natural material that's biodegradable, anti-microbial, naturally temperature regulating, while also helping with hair breakage and retaining moisture.

Other satins, like polyester, are the bad for our environment (polyester is petroleum based), don't breath, feel "plastic like", are not anti-microbial, nor are they moisture wicking.

Can I return my items?

Please read our return policy here.

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