Award Winning Accessories

Here, we celebrate the love and recognition our products have received from top beauty experts and media outlets. Dive in and explore why Curlfriend Collective is the go-to choice for healthy, gorgeous curls!

"Best Hair Ties"

It’s a good thing these skinny silk scrunchies come in a four-pack, because you’re going to want one in your purse, one in your gym bag, one on your wrist, and one on your nightstand. Reviewers give them high marks for their holding power and because they don’t leave a crease when you take your hair down. - SELF Magazine

"Best Scrunchie for Thick Hair"

This extra-large scrunchie will keep your hair in place—even when you’re exercising!—without strangling curls or leaving kinks. And thanks to the variety of colors and prints available, you can choose whether you want it to blend into your hair or stand out as a fun accessory. - SELF Magazine